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Waxing, Is It Better?
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Waxing, Is It Better?

Waxing, Is It Better?

Just about everybody shaves some part of their body. Most men shave their faces, and a growing number of men also groom other parts of their body like their chest and back. Women will generally shave their bikini lines, their legs and underarms. Anyone who shaves can tell you that while it doesn’t hurt (unless you cut yourself) the routine of shaving isn’t the most pleasant thing in  the world. You are also going to have to deal with the unpleasantness of itching as it grows back in, ingrown hairs and razor burn. Because shaving is such a pain, a lot of people explore the other options that they have at their disposal. The most popular one is waxing, but a lot of people who are considering switching from shaving don’t really know which one is better, they only know that waxing hurts more than shaving and you have to go to a salon to have it done. But waxing is far superior to shaving as a method of hair removal.

Waxing removes the entire hair from the skin including the shaft and root. While this hurts a little bit, it is superior to shaving because shaving only cuts the hair off just below the surface of your skin. The hair is continually growing, and this means that you will be seeing the hair start poking back through the skin within only a day or so. If it doesn’t come through the skin perfectly, it will continue to grow under the skin causing an ingrown hair and an unsightly bump. Waxed hair grows back in a natural shape, which means that it has more of a chance of coming to the skin surface effectively, thus reducing ingrown hairs. It also takes far longer to regrow to the point of coming through the skin, so you do not have to do it daily or even weekly. A single wax will usually take multiple weeks to start to show hair again.

Another benefit to waxing over shaving is that the hair grows back thicker and darker when shaved, but lighter and thinner when waxed. This is because you are constantly forcing your body to regrow the entire hair and not just the top part. Hair that is cut off by shaving is cut at the thickest part of the hair, which means that the stubble will always be as thick and dark as your hair can be. Waxing on the other hand will eventually grow back thinner and thinner over time, which makes the entire process of waxing easier and more effective each time you do it.

When you are ready to try waxing, call our salon and make an appointment. We use the best wax blends available, and our waxing technique minimizes the pain involved in the process. Yes it is going to hurt a little bit, but you will quickly realize that a little pain saves you a great deal of time and effort, and is way better for your skin.