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waxing in Henderson

Welcome to Skintastic Studio – Waxing In Henderson NV

Skintastic Studio does waxing in Henderson, as well as skincare services.  We are located only a few short miles from the Las Vegas strip. We are a premier skincare studio and salon specialized in waxing, sugaring, facials, threading and microblading.

Skin. It’s what we do.

What we do.

waxing in Henderson

Waxing in Henderson is the process of removing body hair using soft and hard wax blends, performed in our Henderson salon. These waxes are mixed with skin softening and soothing ingredients which will make the process effective and as painless as possible. Since hair is removed at the root, it will take far longer to regrow than shaving and will grow back softer and finer than previous. Over time, your hair will be finer and easier to remove than ever.

We offer both female and male waxing services.

Waxing in Henderson

If you have had a facial done in the past, you understand that the technique of the technician is as important as the products used. A good facial will not only make your skin appear years younger, it will also tone and tighten wrinkles and flaws.  A facial performed by a seasoned technician will also soothe your skin and relax you, the way a massage will.

Facials are offered for both men and women.

microblading in Henderson

Microblading is a technique that applies a tattoo within the eyebrow region, allowing for a full brow look with sharp edges. This provides the visual look of perfectly manicured eyebrows, and cures the “sloppy brow” look that happens when your eyebrows are not shaped. Microblading should only be trusted to a seasoned professional, as it is permanent.

We provide microblading for both men and women.

mens waxing in Henderson

Male waxing in Henderson is the process of removing body hair using soft and hard wax blends, done at our Henderson NV location. Male waxing at our location is done “above the waist” only at the current time. Male waxing services are limited to chest, arms, face and back, and are a superior method of hair removal for guys that want to look smooth and sexy.

We offer both female and male waxing services.

threading in Henderson

Threading is a specialized process of hair removal that utilizes a twisted cotton threat to remove stubborn hair in precise lines. The process removes multiple hairs at once, and with more precision than waxing or sugaring. If you have never had your eyebrows threaded, ask us today about this unique process.

Threading is offered for both men and women.

sugaring in Henderson

Sugaring is much like waxing, only using a specialized product that is formulated from sugar blends instead of wax. The sugar is more gentle on your skin, and will cause less irritation than many waxes will. It will also smooth and soften your skin at the same time as removing hair effectively. Ask about our sugaring services today.

We provide sugaring for both men and women.

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