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Threading is a specific type of hair removal process that is believed to have been developed in India, China or Iran many thousands of years ago. It is especially effective on course and thick hair that may be difficult to remove using other processes. It is also the method of choice if you wish to remove hair in a way that will create a straight line look, which has become increasingly popular over the years, especially with younger people in the United States. In the past, eyebrows were desired to be thin and have a gentle curve, but more recently the fashion trend has moved toward thicker and angular eyebrow shapes, retaining the heavy look while also being clean and precise.

The threading technique uses a thin thread made from cotton or polyester, which is doubled over itself and then stretched along the skin in the area where hair removal is desired. The thread is twisted together, trapping the hairs and pulling them out by the follicle. Even though it is removing multiple hairs at once, the technique is relatively painless if the correct amount of pressure is applied. There are several methods of holding the thread, and different techniques will be used for different results. The most popular method is to hold one end in the mouth, which allows for a precise line to be creates quickly and easily.

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