Skintastic | The Best Waxing Salon In Las Vegas
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The Best Waxing Salon In Las Vegas

The Best Waxing Salon In Las Vegas

It may sound strange to say, but the best waxing salon in Las Vegas isn’t in Las Vegas, it is in Henderson. Those of you who are familiar with the area are going to understand that Henderson is not that far away, and an extra 10 minutes driving will easily put you into the heart of it. When we talk about the best waxing salon in the area, we are referring to the general area around Las Vegas, and comparing all of the salons from that area against each other. Skintastic Studio is the best waxing salon in Henderson, Las Vegas or any other area.

So what are we basing our claims of being the best waxing salon on? Convenience to your work or home, cleanliness and convenience, and using only the best products for your hair removal. When it comes to removing unwanted body hair, you are going to want to avoid chemical methods or lasers simply because those with sensitive skin are going to experience difficulties recovering from these methods. While they are effective at hair removal, they ultimately create a great deal of damage to your skin which will be unsightly as it heals. Shaving is not very effective as it only removes the hair at the skin surface, ultimately beginning to grow back within a matter of only a few hours. The ingrown hairs and razor stubble that is produced for the days after shaving before you can shave again almost make it not worth doing in the first place. If you are looking for a smooth look that lasts for a long time, you are going to need to step up to waxing.

Waxing is a process of removing hair from the body by spreading warm wax onto the skin around the hair. This wax is allowed to cool, which traps the body hair within it’s area. This strip of dried wax is then pulled quickly from the body, removing the hair as well. This will create a pinching sensation, but those familiar with the process will let you know that the little bit of pain you feel is ultimately worth it. By using a more quality wax, the salon will be able to reduce your pain with the process. This is because the lesser quality waxes that some salons use actually stick to your skin, removing the top layer when they are pulled off. This in addition to the irritation and burn you may receive when a wax that needs a higher temperature to melt is spread across your skin is why some waxing procedures have hurt more than others. This then causes you stress which makes your endorphins kick in. This combination causes it to hurt more. A good quality wax used in the hands of a trained technician will reduce the amount of pain you feel during the procedure. This will create a better experience all around.

When you are ready to receive the best waxing in Las Vegas, contact our salon right away.