Skintastic | The Benefits Of Waxing
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The Benefits Of Waxing

Many people misunderstand the benefits of waxing as being only in relation to the removal of hair in order to achieve a smooth look for longer periods of time.  While this is certainly the case, waxing services provide more benefits than the simple saving of time that is spent shaving every day.  Those with thicker hair have to shave more often than those with thinner or finer hair, so the benefits of waxing for those with a dark and thick hair are even greater both in the timesaving aspect as well as all of the other benefits that waxing brings to the table.  To fully understand the benefits of waxing, you first must understand what is going on.  Waxing involves the use of hard or soft wax compounds that are warmed to a specific temperature at which point they are liquefied but not so hot as to burn the skin.  They are spreading evenly across the area that hair removal is desired within, and then removed through a quick pulling motion, either by gripping the wax itself or by the use of a piece of material which is applied over the wax in order to get it to adhere securely.  When the wax itself is removed, it traps any hair that has been surrounded by it, and holds it securely.  When the wax is pulled from the skin, the hair is removed with it.  This removal is not a simple breaking of the hair that is poking through the surface of the skin the same way that shaving is.  Instead, the entire hair shaft is pulled out along with the root.  This means that when they hair begins to grow again, it will take far longer to reach the surface of the skin than if it was cut off at that surfaced point.  This process can take weeks or even months in some cases depending on how quickly your hair grows.  Think about how much time it takes you to shave every day, and then figure that amount of time saved over the course of an entire month.  This is the time savings a single waxing procedure can offer you.

The additional benefits of waxing involve the continual forcing of regrowth of the hair from the root.  Because it is being forced to re-grow the entire structure of the hair, each time it is forced to go through this procedure a hair itself will grow back thinner and lighter.  This will mean that your hair removal process will be continually growing easier with each waxing that you do.  Another benefit is that the hair itself grows back in its natural shape instead of the blunted and that shaving causes.  That blunted and is not only what causes the razor stubble look, but also gives the hair difficulty breaking through the skin’s surface.  This is what causes ingrown hair and razor bumps that are unsightly.  Waxing is also less stressful on your skin been shaving due to the fact that it is not removing the top layer of skin to the same degree that driving a razor across it would do.  When you want to take hair removal to the next level and want to save time and stress on your skin at the same time, consider waxing.