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Sugaring In Henderson

Sugaring In Henderson

If you are in the Henderson or Las Vegas area, we want you to stop by our salon to experience a new type of hair removal technique that is becoming more and more popular. It is known as “sugaring” and it is essentially the same process and technique as waxing, only using a melted sugar product instead of a wax product. The sugar product is designed to melt and trap the hair upon drying the same way that a wax product will, and the removal technique is much the same as well. The major differences between these procedures is seen after the process is actually completed. Due to the fact that the sugar product is all natural as well as being less harsh on your skin as the wax, we find that most people will have a better experience with it.  This means that people who have traditionally avoided waxing because of the pain during the procedure and the rash feeling that happens afterward are having much better experiences. Sugaring is opening up the hair removal options to people who might not have been able to wax.

The sugaring process involves the melting to a warm temperature of a proprietary blend of sugars and natural elements, which is then spread evenly across the skin that has hair grown in to it. This product is allowed to dry to a specific point, where it traps the hair but does not adhere to the skin. The product is then removed with a quick pulling motion, pulling the trapped hairs out by the root in a single motion. There is pain involved as the hair is pulled out, but the extra pain that is experienced by many who have experienced waxing is due to the top layer of the skin also being pulled off. This does not happen if the sugaring product is used correctly, and the technician is trained in the removal process. You will not only have the smooth look that you have been seeking, but the sugar product that has been in contact with your skin will moisturize and soften it as well. You are left with a glowing and smooth look that will leave you without the need to shave for many weeks. In addition, the hair will grow back far softer and lighter than it was before, making the process far easier and less painful each time you do it. Eventually, the hair will not grow back at all.

Sugaring is by far the best process for hair removal available to the public today without the involvement of harsh chemicals or expensive processes. Shaving and waxing are inferior to the process, and will ultimately result in bumps, ingrown hairs and other problems. The natural sugar products allow our customers to enjoy their hairfree lifestyles looking beautiful and smooth, without the amounts of pain and irritation that goes with other procedures. In our opinion, sugaring is something that everyone should try.

Book your sugaring appointment in our salon today.