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Pain Free Hair Removal

Pain Free Hair Removal

When you Google “pain free hair removal” you are going to get a lot of Wikipedia entries about laser hair removal and other chemical ways to get parts of your body to be hairless, but one point that needs to be made that is being lost in this¬† search is the amount of expense and trouble that you have to go through for these to be effective. There are generally different attitudes when it comes to hair removal, some people feeling that it is not worth much more effort than shaving will provide, and others that are willing to invest a little more in their appearance. Shaving is of course the most convenient form of hair removal because it can be done in your own home. It is also the least effective method simply because it only cuts the hair at the surface. This means that within a few days you will either have razor stubble or ingrown hairs that have not found a way to break through the skin surface. Either result is unsightly, but must be endured in order to shave again. If you shave too quickly you will find the amount of ingrown hairs to increase, as well as finding that the hair is darker and thicker when it goes to the stubble point because it has been cut off blunt. It will grow back from that point with the cut end, giving it the appearance of being quite thick. On areas that you would like to remove body hair, this is the worst thing that can happen.

Other forms of hair removal like chemical removers or laser removers are going to have drawbacks as well. They will be quite effective at completely removing the hair but will essentially be burning it off or melting it. This will cause massive amounts of skin irritation in those with sensitive skin. This is why the most effective methods still involve a little bit of pain, but are the method of choice of those willing to put in the effort to look good. Waxing involves pulling the hair out by the roots, providing it with a far longer growback time frame as well as allowing it to grow back in a natural way. After only a few waxes, you will find the hair growing back far thinner and lighter than before, exactly the opposite of shaving. Waxing does involve a pinching sensation when the wax is removed, but this pain can be reduced by using higher quality wax products that will not burn the skin when applied. These high quality waxes also do not remove the top layer of skin when removed as cheaper ones will, which ultimately reduces the amount of pain that is experienced. Our Henderson waxing salon uses only the highest quality wax products for your procedures.

If you are seeking a waxing salon in Henderson that is convenient, professional and uses the best quality products, contact us today. It might be a few minutes more to drive here, but it is worth it.