Skintastic | Microblading and Dry Skin
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Microblading and Dry Skin

Microblading and Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, you probably complain about it every day. You probably go to great lengths to moisturize and drink as much water as possible to keep your skin from feeling itchy, dry and cracked. Well just because we prefer to see the glass as half-full and always look on the positive side of things, we have some good news for you. If you have been considering microblading you will probably get a really good result! Yes, it has come out that the best type of skin for the microblading procedure is dry. Many who perform microblading as a service in their salons (like we do in our Henderson location) will inform their clients on the days leading up to their microblading procedure to avoid their typical moisturizing regimen.

When you get the microblading procedure done, the technician is essentially giving you a tattoo, just using ink that is semi-permanent instead of permanent, and using a slightly different tool than the tattoo guns that are used in tattoo studios. The technician will map out the area to be filled with color and the correct shade of ink is chosen to match the hair color of the existing eyebrows. The area is then filled in using a motion that will create thin lines that resemble eyebrow hairs, allowing for a perfectly shaped and sharp brow that could probably only be achieved with insane amounts of maintenance and really good eyebrows to start with. Anyone who has thin eyebrows or whose eyebrows do not grow to the points that would create a good shape can benefit from microblading. We are sure you have seen those perfect eyebrows on Instagram, and now you can have them too.

So what should you do in the days leading up to your microblading procedure? First off avoid alcohol for 24 hours before hand, and do not take any un-necessary medications that may thin your blood. These will cause excess bleeding and pain. To achieve the dry skin that will give the best results, cut down on your water intake as much as possible for 24 hours before hand, and avoid moisturizers and creams that are designed to add liquid to the skin. For this procedure, you want your skin to actually be as dry as possible because the needle will be able to penetrate the skin more smoothly, and deposit the ink in a more precise way. When the nedle is bouncing off elastic and plump skin, the technician will have to push slightly harder to get the ink in. This will create a slightly sloppier line which will reduce the overall effect that you are looking for. We are seeking sharp and crisp lines in microblading, so creating a better canvas for the technician to work with will help to create a better result.

If you would like more information about microblading or the things you should do to prepare for your procedure, contact us through our website. You can set up your appointment and we will provide you with all the before and after care instructions.