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Las Vegas Microblading

Las Vegas Microblading

When you get down to it, there really aren’t all that many microblading studios in Las Vegas. Typically this kind of service gets offered by waxing salons or maybe hair salons, and there are even a few tattoo shops that are beginning to offer the procedure because microblading is essentially tattooing, but for the most part the choices are pretty slim. Microblading is not something to be taken lightly like a waxing or a sugaring procedure that will grow back within a few weeks even if it is done wrong. Unfortunately, many find out after choosing the wrong salon that microblading is a semi-permanent procedure that will look terrible for many years if it is done incorrectly. Microblading is essentially a tattoo that is applied to the skin on the face in the area of the eyebrows, in order to fill in areas with color and create a sculpted shape that would be difficult to maintain with traditional tweezing or threading. You can create sharper lines and more precise angles with microblading.

The procedure itself uses a specialized tool to inject ink into the skin in fine lines that look like eyebrow hairs. If done wrong, the lines will look blotchy and jagged, or can even look like dots instead of lines of hair. This process keeps the line shape and fills the space mapped out with these shapes, following the natural contours of the area and direction of hair growth. When done well, the area should look like natural hair is filling it in, but also appear far more sculpted and shaped than you could naturally get. Generally, a microblading procedure can last 1-3 years, which is a good thing because it does not have to be redone too often. It is also a bad thing if it is not done with care, because the mistakes can look quite un-natural for a long, long time.

Why should a person in Las Vegas come the extra distance to Henderson where our salon is located in order to get microblading? The answer is pretty simple, because we are really good at it and will take the time necessary to make sure your microblading procedure is everything that you want from it. Without the care that needs to be put into the process, you run the risk of having a very unpleasant experience that will literally scar you for life. We take your skin and your beauty very seriously, and combined with years of experience we make sure that our microblading customers are getting the best work available anywhere, not just in Las Vegas or Henderson. You need to take the procedure as seriously as we do, and because of that fact it is worth the little extra bit of driving time to get to our location.

When you are ready to consider permanent makeup of any kind, do your research and ask for recommendations. Look at reviews and testimonials, especially ours! Our customers will tell you that you are safe in our hands, and we will treat you with utmost care.