Eyebrow Threading In The United States
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Eyebrow Threading In The United States

Eyebrow Threading In The United States

Eyebrow threading is one of the most effective ways of removing here from your eyebrow region that exists today.  Other methods include waxing and using tweezers to pull out the hairs individually, but over time the look is become less of a thin eyebrow and more of the shaped and sharp edge eyebrow.  This is probably due to social media stars who have posted photos of themselves after receiving treatments to shape their eyebrows.  While there are many people who have eyebrows that are too thin to actually use the threading procedure effectively to create the look that they are seeking, many will still use the threading procedure after creating the sharp edges with an eyebrow pencil.  This is due to the fact that threading actually is a more effective method of hair removal than most other methods.  While other methods simply remove all of the hair in an area, threading will actually remove the hair and shape the eyebrow while doing it.  This is how the sharp edge on the top and bottom of the eyebrows that you see on many actresses and social media stars today are formed.

Eyebrow threading is a process that uses two threads that are held in a special configuration in the technicians hands.  The threads themselves are stretched then pulled tight across the skin at the area that is desired to have hair removed.  The two threads are then twisted together so that they trap the hair along this straight line.  The twisting motion traps the hair and then pulls it out from the root in this area.  Through this procedure, lines can actually be formed in areas that have thick hair, or the entire area can be treated for total removal of all of the hair.  This is the way that the sharp upper and lower edges of eyebrows are formed today, fitting into the fashion that has become so popular.  In many cases, women are actually keeping their dark eyebrows and then shaping them through threading, only to have them look completely different than lighter hair on their head.  This look as become very popular, and even though it isn’t very natural looking, it does provide a striking and sharp look that is quite clean.

I brought threading itself is an ancient procedure that was developed in India many thousands of years ago.  This is because Indian women typically have thick and dark hair, and if you are looking for a clean eyebrow edge, then threading is the answer to creating that look.  Indian women use this technique to shape their eyebrows and then more heavy makeup and jewelry to create more accent and draw attention to their eye region.  This allowed for a dramatic look it has now taken over the United States and Europe, and become one of the most popular makeup trends in the last 20 years.  Only 10 years ago you probably wouldn’t have been able to find a threading studio in the United States, now you can just call us.

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