Professional Waxing Services
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Professional Waxing Services

Professional Waxing Services

The debate between what is better, waxing or shaving, has been going on for many years with people who are interested in hair removal.  Generally, when we are speaking about hair removal processes, we’re talking about body hair.  Even though many women will have a hair removal process done to their facial area, is far more common for people to use hair removal processes to take off unwanted body hair.  Generally, we see that people will shave the unwanted hair from their body, or go to a salon were a professional person will remove the hair for them.  When it comes to their removal processes that are outside the home, we are mostly talking about waxing or sugaring.

Waxing is a superior service when compared to shaving.  There is a far better result that is achieved when a person aside from yourself performs the duties associated with the process. Waxing involves spreading hot wax on your skin and allowing it to dry thus trapping the hair follicles into the dried wax and allowing them to be pulled out by the root when the wax is removed. This process does involve a certain amount of pain, but removes the entire hair as opposed to simply removing the hair that is showing at the skin surface.  By allowing the hair to be completely removed at the root, you will maintain a smoother look for far longer than if you shave, which will begin to produce hair at the skin surface almost immediately. This is the unsightly razor stubble look that plagues anyone with dark hair. People with lighter hair can generally go longer in between hair removals because once the hair breaks through the skin it is still not obvious unless you look close. For people with dark hair, the look of a dark dot appears almost immediately. This is yet another reason for waxing to be the choice instead of shaving, because if you have to shave every day in order to keep the dark hair from showing, a wax will allow you to go upwards of two weeks before the hair has grown long enough to break the skin surface. Waxing also weakens the root of each hair, causing it to grow back much thinner and lighter each time it is done. Shaving does not accomplish this same goal, as the hair is simply blunted off at the skin surface instead of being completely pulled out.

If you are considering an upgrade to your look, consider professional waxing as the choice of body hair removal. By having it done professionally in a salon, you will have a better chance of avoiding the rash look that comes with cheaper waxes or not knowing the exact temperature to put it on your skin. Your results will be far superior and more hair will be removed with each single pass than if you try to do it yourself. Like anything else, leave it to the ones trained in the process to get the best results.

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