Waxing For Henderson NV Residents
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Waxing For Henderson NV Residents

Waxing For Henderson NV Residents

If you live in Henderson NV, there is a good chance that you have been driving to Las Vegas to get waxing services. This is because there are far more salons in Las Vegas than in Henderson, and with more population comes more choices. The additional competition makes each salon need to perform better and provide a better experience in order to keep existing customers. In Henderson, there is not as much competition and for that reason there is less need for salons to continually improve their customer experience. As a result, many of the waxing salons in Henderson are mediocre at best. Some are not even waxing salons, but instead are hair salons or even nail salons that have added waxing as a service to boost their revenue. This is not the best thing for customers, as waxing is an intimate service that requires specialization in order to avoid some of the problems that can come with less clean facilities.

Customers are encouraged to consider a few factors when deciding on a waxing salon. Naturally convenience is important because few people have a lot of extra time to spare out of their day. Taking an extra half hour to drive for a wax when there is one only a few blocks from you is difficult to swallow, so our suggestion is to find a good salon within about five miles of your home or place of business. The next most important consideration is how well trained their employees are and how good of quality the wax that is used is. A cheap wax product will produce the “wax rash” that many have experienced when they receive a wax at a less quality salon. This comes because the wax must be heated to a higher temperature to melt, and as a result it creates a slight burn on the skin. These cheaper waxes also tend to stick to the skin upon removal, which pulls small amounts of the top layer of skin off. This will produce an area that looks and feels like a sunburn, and which will sting for some time afterward. The more expensive waxes that are used in higher quality waxing salons will not only fail to stick to your skin, they will soothe it during the process. This leaves your skin smoother and feeling softer after a wax.

If you can avoid it, do not shave for a few weeks before your first wax. This will give the hair a chance to grow in longer and will provide us with more to work with during the removal process. This step is important to getting the best results that you can, and ultimately having a better experience all around. By preparing before hand and patronizing our top quality waxing salon in Henderson, you are assuring yourself many weeks of smooth skin not only during bikini season, but all year round. Book your appointment today at our convenient location to you in Henderson, and experience the best waxing that you can get.

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