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Microblading sounds like a scary word that would be used to describe a scary procedure. The truth of the matter is that it is not scary at all, and it is simply a procedure designed to both fill in gaps and shape eyebrows in a permanent fashion. It uses a small tool that is much like a tattoo gun, essentially creating small dots in your skin around your eyebrows. These dots are shaped together to look like strands of hair, a process which is repeated again and again until the filled area looks as though it is natural eyebrow hairs shaped into a sharp and chiseled area. This process enables people to keep the clean lines of a freshly shaped eyebrow, and do it without needing to continually every day or draw the eyebrows on with pencil each morning. Naturally, drawing on the eyebrows and filling in the areas takes a long time, and it also runs the risk of smearing or rubbing off as the day goes on. Microblading takes care of all of this, making it so that the color and shape stay for an extended period of time.

The dangers associated with microblading have to do with the permanent nature of the procedure. Essentially, if it is done in a way that has an incorrect shape or look, it is difficult to remove. It is the same as a tattoo, and reversing the procedure would entail the same process as tattoo removal. This is why it is so important to get recommendations in regards to microblading in your local area, and ask to see some examples of the microblading jobs that not only the studio, but the particular person who will be preforming your procedure, has done. The reason it is important is that your idea of what you want your eyebrows to look like might be different than what the microblading technician believes is the way they should look. Just like a tattoo, if they do something that you do not like you are stuck with it.

If you are in Henderson NV or neighboring Las Vegas, and you are thinking about having microblading done, contact Skintastic Studio before you have it done anywhere else. This is an important decision, and it is critical to make sure that the person who will be preforming it understands exactly what you want it to look like. You also have to make sure that the person can do what they say, without making it look blotchy and un-natural. Skintastic Studio has many years of microblading success.

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