Why More Men Are Getting Facials
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Why More Men Are Getting Facials

Why More Men Are Getting Facials

More and more men are experimenting with skin treatments and beauty products than ever before, and the results show. In the past, only women utilized beauty treatments and aids in order to appear younger and healthier, mostly due to the hyper-masculine attitude that anyone who is not beat up is not a man. In reality, all of these tenets are self-imposed, and the only real qualifier as far as “being a man” is male genitalia. “What makes a man” is other things that society imposed on human beings, essentially putting them into boxes that forced them to act a certain way, look a certain way and have a certain set of beliefs. What a man was could be defined by things like how good a protector he was, how much he provided for his family and friends, and how well he accomplished certain goals. His physical appearance was supposed to reflect these things, and a male person who was not beat up was perceived as being less of a protector than those that were. The “look of masculinity” became connected to the look of someone who was abused and tired. The perception of men “aging well” became a balance of trying to look clean and proper without taking on any of the physical characteristics that men sought in women. These things included kept hair and smooth skin.

Luckily, we have evolved as a species over time. Men no longer need to fight physically to gain every inch of progress, and as a result they do not have to naturally look beat up. The look of youth is more of a rejection of the lifestyles that age the skin and mentality, and as a result of the rejection of these ideas men are now able to experience the same things that women always did. These things include skin care over and above simple avoidance of things that age the skin. They now involve the use of products and procedures that can actually keep the skin healthy. This is why so many men are now looking into skincare products and facials in order to keep themselves from aging prematurely. The products that men use are no longer necessary to change in order to have a masculine perception, and instead they can now be looked at simply as products for the skin in general. There is no longer a line between men’s and women’s skincare products and procedures. Instead, we now see people simply using what is necessary to keep themselves looking and feeling good.

Men’s facials are the newest method of keeping the youthful look that is desired by all people. More and more men are booking appointments to have their skin treated in a way that will rejuvenate it, and make them feel better about their appearance. A facial will benefit both a man and a woman, because both of the skins of these creatures can benefit from the scrubbing and exfoliating that comes with a good facial. Book your men’s facial today with Skintastic Studio.

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