Waxing In Las Vegas
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Waxing In Las Vegas

Waxing In Las Vegas

We get it, Henderson NV is not Las Vegas. Our salon in Henderson is actually about 20 minutes from Las Vegas, and yes we have a Henderson address on our mail.  This means that it is difficult for us to claim to be the best waxing salon in Las Vegas, but this is only because we are not technically in Las Vegas. There is no doubt that we are the best waxing salon in the greater Las Vegas area which includes Henderson, Las Vegas and Summerlin. We are the salon that is going to provide you with the best service, the best prices and most important of all the best waxing. Hair removal is all about achieving a smooth and youthful look without too much pain, and that is achieved by utilizing the best techniques and the best products for the job. Some waxes are more expensive to use than others, but we find that they provide a better experience for our customers so we choose them. All in all, when it comes to removing body hair in a way that is not going to be too painful, we are second to none.

What makes waxing better than shaving? Thats pretty simple, waxing and sugaring remove the hair at the root, instead of simply cutting it off at the skin surface. This translates to a smoother look without stubble for a far longer period of time, and when the hair does start to grow in it is much thinner and a natural shape. Razor cut hair is blunted off at the top, which is what gives it that dark look almost like a blackhead. Hair that has been waxed does not grow in this way, and as a result even when the hair does start to come in it is not as thick and dark looking. This means that a little bit of pain goes a long way to keeping you looking good for longer. Those who wax or sugar their hair for removal swear by it, and our clientele understand the difference between good waxing and average waxing.A good wax is going to remove the majority of hair which will reduce the amount of tweezing necessary, while also not removing much of the top layer of skin. The wax must trap the hair without sticking to the skin as well, which is only going to be effective with the best hard and soft waxes. The “rash” feeling that many people experience after a wax is either from the skin being burned by it, or that the wax has pulled off the top layer of skin itself. This does not translate to a smooth and healthy look, and instead the irritation will have to heal before the smooth and young look is achieved. Our waxes will look great from the moment you leave the salon.

Book your wax in Henderson or Las Vegas today, by calling the number on our website and arranging your appointment. We are the best waxing salon in Las Vegas, and we can prove it.

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