Looking for microblading in Henderson NV?
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Microblading In Henderson NV

Microblading In Henderson NV

Microblading is one of the hottest and newest beauty and skin services that is available, and Skintastic Studio in Henderson NV is one of the best at it. For those of you who might not be familiar with microblading, it is a process by which eyebrow color is filled in on the skin in order to create a fuller and more sculpted look for eyebrows. This process came from necessity, as millions of women had tweezed and plucked their eyebrows for many years looking for a thin line look. As fashion and beauty trends shifted over to a fuller and thicker eyebrow look, many women no longer had the ability to grow thick eyebrows due to the years of hair removal. Continually plucking eyebrows causes the hair to grow back thinner and finer over time, which ultimately works against trends where thicker and darker hair is the desired outcome. Once the look that was in fashion shifted over to the thicker and darker look, women who had previously plucked and tweezed their eyebrows were lost. The alternative was to draw them on each morning, which became an extra process in their daily makeup, one that required precision to look decent. This process also developed over time to fit perfectly with those who did have thick eyebrows, but who wanted the more shaped and sculpted look that a process like threading can provide. Modern beauty trends lean toward the sculpted straight line look that is hard to achieve by plucking individual hairs, and ultimately creating a market for threading, which removes multiple hairs in a line at one time. This process had to be maintained every few weeks, creating difficulties for those without extra time, but who wanted the look. Microblading solved these issues.

Microblading itself is a process by which a specialized tool pushes ink into the skin the same way that a tattoo is created. The ink is semi-permanent, and the microblading process will create a look that will generally last about a year before needing to be touched up. The process creates the sharp lines that are desirable, and fills in the area with ink that is the color of your eyebrows, forming lines in the skin that look like natural hairs. When combined with the natural eyebrow hairs that are present, a look that is fuller and darker is created. Spots that are thinner are filled in and spots that are fuller are removed, ultimately creating a consistent look of shaped eyebrow hairs that will compliment any makeup. This clean and perfect look is highly sought after, but must be done by a specialized and practiced technician if results are to be aesthetically pleasing. Bad microblading jobs can appear very fake looking, and if they are mis-shapen they are difficult to correct due to the ink being permanent. If you are considering microblading, it is best to go only to a salon that offers it as a service and that has experience. Trust Skintastic Studio in Henderson to do your microblading today.

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