Best Waxing Salon In Henderson NV
Why Drive To Henderson For Waxing?
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Why Drive To Henderson For Waxing?

Why Drive To Henderson For Waxing?

If you live in Las Vegas, you probably are thinking about convenience when you decide where you are going to have most services done. Even though you can essentially drive from end to end of the Las Vegas valley in less than a half an hour, our lives are busy and driving a little extra distance is hard for most of us. We can use those extra few minutes to do something that is more important, or at least more enjoyable. This kind of attitude might be correct with regards to something like getting groceries or gas for your car, but when it comes to something like a beauty procedure, it pays to make a little extra effort to go to the best. Waxing is a beauty procedure, and anyone who has ever had a bad wax is going to be able to tell you that taking a few extra minutes out of your day to go to the location of someone who is good at waxing is the best investment you can make. Yes, we want for you to drive to Henderson to our salon in order to get your waxing done. We understand that it is going to be a little less convenient than just going to the place up the street that offers waxing, but we are the best in Nevada and we assure you that it is worth it.

So what makes us the best waxing salon in Henderson and in Las Vegas? Thats simple, we have a combination of three things that can’t be matched anywhere else. Our technicians are trained in a waxing technique that causes less pain during the process and less irritation after it is over. This technique of pulling off the wax allows for a complete removal of the hair nearly every time, basically making it less necessary to re-apply. Our salon also uses a specialized wax blend that is preferred by beauty experts due to the fact that it both soothes the skin and also moisturizes. This is critical to the process because the wax itself will stick to your skin if it is not a high end blend. When these cheaper wax blends are applied then removed, they will take some of the top layer of skin off with it, ultimately resulting in the feeling of a rash or sunburn. Our salon only uses specialized wax blends that will not result in this kind of irritation. Lastly, our waxing is done by beauty experts who are trained in skincare. This alone gives us an advantage over other salons, as we are not only thinking about hair removal as part of the process but also skincare. Just like our facials, we are going to treat your skin with the same kinds of care that we would provide for any beauty customer. When you are finished, you will understand why a wax from Skintastic Studio is the best in the business, and your skin is going to thank you for the extra few miles it took to get here.

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