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Microblading in Henderson And Las Vegas
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Microblading in Henderson And Las Vegas

Microblading in Henderson And Las Vegas

So you are researching microblading because your friends have had it done and you like the results. You are looking at the places locally that do microblading, and thinking about which salon is most convenient or has the best prices. We can tell you that this is not the best way to go about making your decision, simply because microblading itself is easy to do incorrectly, and ultimately can have a damaging effect on your look if it is not perfect. It is not worth trying to save a few dollars or a few minutes of commuting time if the procedure itself is going to be sub-standard. So first and foremost, it is important for us to understand exactly what microblading is, so you will take the consideration process seriously.

Microblading is a form of tattooing, and just like you wouldn’t get a tattoo from an artist just because he is a few miles closer to you, you shouldn’t make the decision about microblading that way either. The microblading technique is one that uses a small handheld tool with several needles embedded into it in order to push pigment into the skin. This process is done in order to create the look of eyebrow hairs, and the microblading technician must create small lines with the tool in order to achieve the desired effect. If they are not experienced, many times the lines come out looking like dots, which creates the appearance that is very un-natural. The technician can also create an area that is too wide of follows an un-natural line. These kinds of rookie mistakes will end up being with you for up to three years or longer, as the pigment is semi-permanent. Over time it will fade, but you must realize that this is very much the same thing as getting a tattoo on your face, you should never trust that responsibility to anyone less than a highly trained professional with years of experience as well as an artistic eye. It is best to ask to see the microblading studio portfolio of procedures they have done in the past to get a sense as far as how good they are. We are considered as the best microblading salon in Henderson by many clients, and our reviews on both Google and Yelp will attest to that fact.

Microblading should never be taken lightly, and just looking on Google for bad microblading pictures will show you how bad they can be if you don’t seek out the best salon in your area. Microblading should not be something that the salon just does as an added service in addition to their specialty, it needs to be the specialty of the salon. You wouldn’t get a facial from the place that does your nails, so why would you literally get permanent makeup from a place that specializes in hair styling? We are the finest microblading studio in Henderson and Las Vegas, so when you are ready for your microblading procedure contact us for an appointment.

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