Why Drive To Henderson For Waxing? - Skintastic
Why Drive To Henderson For Waxing?
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Why Drive To Henderson For Waxing?

Why Drive To Henderson For Waxing?

We are all about convenience in 2019. Lets face it we have more to do today and less time to do it in than any time previous in this country. We have responsibilities, work and a million other things that all need to get done, and we still need to make dinner! Where are you ever going to get the time to drive all the way to Henderson for a waxing?

Yes, we understand that there are other salons that do waxing that are located closer to your house or workplace than we are. We understand that you are short on time and that the extra 15 minutes that it would take to drive to us instead of going to the place up the street is 15 minutes that you could spend doing something else, but we also want you to understand that going to Skintastic Studio is going to give you a better waxing experience than those other places. We are not only the best waxing salon in Henderson, we are the best waxing salon in Las Vegas as well. There are a lot of places that do waxing in Las Vegas, probably because there are a ton of tourists coming into town every day. All of those tourists want to look good when they go out, especially if they plan on going to a pool or day party at a pool. They are going to want to look smooth and hair-free, and that is going to mean a bikini or chest wax. They will usually wit until they get into town to do this kind of thing, just so they are out and about only a day or so after getting waxed. That assures them that they will be as smooth as possible. The biggest problem is that when there are a lot of people looking for something, a lot of businesses are just going to jump onto the bandwagon just to make a few extra bucks. This means that there are a lot of businesses out there claiming to do waxing when they are far from specialists!

If you come to our salon in Henderson, you will find that we specialize in waxing and skincare. We are experts in not only the correct techniques that will get you as hairfree as you want to be while also causing you as little pain as possible. We also use the best waxes and wax blends available on the market, so they are not only going to effectively remove the hair you don’t want, but they are going to soothe your skin as well. This is crucial to avoiding the irritation and ingrown hairs that make you look less than your best. So yes, you can probably get a wax closer to your home or hotel room than we are, but if you really care about the way you look then you are going to want to take the extra time to come to visit us. We are the best waxing salon in Henderson…..and Las Vegas.

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