Henderson Is The Home For Waxing - Skintastic
Henderson Is The Home For Waxing
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Henderson Is The Home For Waxing

Henderson Is The Home For Waxing

There are a bunch of waxing salons in Las Vegas, and they all claim to be the best at what they do. There are specialized waxing salons that only do waxing and nothing else, and there are salons that offer waxing and also do a ton of other things that are not related. Waxing is a specialized procedure, so going to someone who is not doing waxing as their primary business is probably not the best idea. Seriously, you wouldn’t go to a plumber to fix your electrical! So why would you trust your waxing to a nail salon or some place like that.

We are a specialized skincare salon, which means that we specialize in procedures that will help and care for your skin. This suite of services includes waxing, as well as other hair removal techniques like sugaring. We also offer microblading and permanent makeup as well as facials. We understand how to care for your skin, which is why we are experts in the techniques of waxing and hair removal that will be the most gentle on your skin while still leaving it smooth and clean. This is better than any waxing salon who simply concentrate on removing the hair, because a lot of the techniques and products that they will use will also irritate your skin. If you remove the hair but end up with blotches or bumps on your skin, then you really haven’t improved your look very much. This is why Henderson is the home for waxing, because thats where we are located.

So why is waxing that happens at Skintastic Studio so much better than everywhere else in Las Vegas or Henderson? Simple, because we understand skin and how to care for it. We only use products that are going to have the least impact on your skin while still providing the best waxing results. We also have developed a specialized technique that will remove the most hair with the least amount of discomfort. Basically, if a salon worker does not understand exactly how long the wax needs to cool before application, you can develop minor skin burns that will result in blotches and ingrown hairs. If they do not understand exactly the amount of time to leave it on your skin, or the correct procedure for removing it, you can result in irritated skin that itches and is dry. Our products and procedures are specifically chosen to reduce the amounts of these kinds of discomfort to as little as possible. Everyone knows that waxing is going to hurt a little bit, but hurting afterward is not necessary. Our waxing salon makes sure that you walk out as smooth and hairless as possible while also not having the same types of skin damage and irritation that you have after you visit those other spas. So when you are ready for the best waxing services that you have ever had, book an appointment on our website or give us a call. We are waiting to serve you.

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