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Sugaring In Henderson
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Sugaring In Henderson

Sugaring In Henderson

There is a new type of hair removal treatment that is becoming very popular among higher end salons in the Las Vegas and Henderson area. Sugaring is a process that works much the same as waxing, only it uses a sugar blend of a product instead of the beeswax that is the standard with waxing. There are significant benefits to using the sugar products over wax, most specifically being a significant reduction in the amount of irritation that a customer feels after the process is over. Sugar is a natural product, where the waxes that are used in many salons are not the same level of natural elements Many times the waxes are mixed with chemicals that will assist in the cooling process that traps the hairs, but this creates a situation where the wax also sticks to your skin. When removed, the wax then pulls the top layers of your skin off as well as the hair. This leads to unsightly bumps and ingrown hairs more regularly than sugaring.While the process is superior to shaving, it is becoming apparent that the process of sugaring is superior to waxing in the same way.

Sugaring also leaves your skin more intact than waxing, and provides a more natural topical ointment that will assist the healing process better than simple wax will. By creating a situation where the product is not only more natural, but allows for a more gentle process that also removes the hair effectively while still soothing the skin afterward, we find that the sugaring technique of hair removal is the preferred method by those who have been exposed to both. So why should you choose us for sugaring?

The answer is pretty simple, not only are there only a few salons in the Las Vegas and Henderson area that offer sugaring as a process, we are also the best at it. The process is relatively new, and because of the evolving nature of the technique it is not as widely known and used as waxing. This means that there is not as much demand at this point, and not as many salons offer it due to the fact that more people are looking for waxing. Until it becomes more popular, those who prefer the process need to seek out salons that offer it, and are probably going to have to drive a little further in order to find the salons that provide the best technique. Our employees are trained in the sugaring technique by the specialists who create and manufacture the products themselves, assuring that the process is not only going to result in a clean and hair-free look, but also that you will experience the least amount of discomfort in the process. In addition to these benefits, our prices for sugaring in Henderson are typically lower than other salons who are benefiting from a larger client base. Because they have more customers, they are able to put a premium on their services that smaller salons do not. As a result, when you use Skintastic Studio for your sugaring, you are going to get a great result at a great price.

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