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It's Worth The Drive For A Good Waxing
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It’s Worth The Drive For A Good Waxing

It’s Worth The Drive For A Good Waxing

Waxing is waxing, right? Wrong, a bad wax can really ruin your life for a while, not only due to the pain that you will probably be feeling but also because you might have been having the procedure in order to assure a smooth and glamorous look for an event, and nothing looks worse than a red and blotchy skin because of irritation. Waxing is a process that will involve pulling the entire hair shaft out of your skin including the root, and because of this fact there is going to be a certain amount of pain involved with the process. A lot of the pain has to do with the actual process itself, and the technique that the waxing salon employee uses in order to remove the wax and hair. Practice and proper training will provide that employee with a technique that will fully remove the hair on the first try and as quickly as possible, thus reducing the amount of pain you feel. This also reduces the amount of damage that occurs on your skin surface, as a fast and smooth motion will reduce the grabbing effects that pull tiny amounts of your skin off along with the hair. This is all training and practice that creates the level of effectiveness and pain reduction, but it is the products used in the process that will determine the amount of irritation you feel afterward.

Salons that do not specialize in waxing will generally use the cheapest wax products available in order to simply remove the hair. This is because the waxing end of their business is not their primary function, and they probably do not expect you to come back regularly. This is common with salons that cater specifically to tourists in Las Vegas because they never really expect repeat business, and ultimately do not care what happens to you after the waxing is done. When you walk out you may be hair free, but later develop a rash or blotches where the wax was applied. The more expensive waxes that are used by higher end specialized waxing salons like ours are formulated to not only grip the hair for an effective treatment, but also to soothe and moisturize the skin at the same time. This will bring the amount of swelling and irritation down to the bare minimum, allowing your body to heal within a few hours of your waxing into a smooth and beautiful look. Unfortunately, cheaper salons that are not waxing specialists will probably be using the cheaper products and also will not take the time it needs to allow the wax to fully cool to a warm level before application before they apply it to your skin. This literally causes a mild burning that will further irritate your skin and create itching that translates later into bumps and ingrown hairs.

Trust your waxing to a specialized studio like ours, and never get waxed by someone who only offers it as a side business. It is worth the drive to go to a specialist, so we hope to see you soon.

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