Waxing In Henderson And Las Vegas - Skintastic
Waxing services available for Henderson and Las Vegas, at our convenient studio.
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Waxing In Henderson And Las Vegas

Waxing In Henderson And Las Vegas

Waxing for hair removal is a delicate process that ultimately removes the entire shaft of hair from the skin. By trapping the exposed hair shaft within the grasp of drying wax, a salon technician is able to remove the entire piece of hair including the root by quickly pulling it out against the growth pattern. Warm wax is spread on the skin with the hair, and allowed to dry. The wax bonds to the hair enough to ultimately allow it to be pulled out in it’s entirety from the skin, without the skin being damaged in the process. The wax does not bond to the top layer of skin enough to stick to it, which allows it to be removed with a quick motion. The technician will generally apply quick pressure to the area to reduce swelling, and potentially a lotion that will assist in the process and soften the skin at the same time. While there is a certain amount of pain involved in the process, a seasoned technician with a good technique will be able to minimize the pain through the quick motions they use. Essentially, it all happens so fast that your body can only process a slight pinch. While it is common to see exaggerated versions of the waxing process on television shows and by comedians, showing that it is painful, most who experience it on a regular basis will report that this pain is exaggerated. Yes it hurts but it is worth it, simply because it is so effective at keeping you smooth for extended periods of time. The drawbacks of shaving are nearly all avoided in waxing, making the supporters of the process adament that the slight pain that is felt is well worth the results.

Skintastic Studio is the premier waxing salon serving Henderson NV and Las Vegas NV. Our location is convenient to both Henderson residents as well as those who are traveling to Las Vegas, and staying on the strip. The location is only a few short miles from the majority of hotels on the strip, which makes the salon a perfect choice if you ahve come to town and need a waxing done in order to look smooth for an event or a gathering. Because Las Vegas is so popular in the summer as a pool location, it is best to wait to have your waxing done once you are here, instead of having it done earlier and dealing with several days of growth once you have landed in the city. Our technicians at Skintastic Studio use on the finest wax blends that will not only remove the hair but also soothe and smooth your skin, and the techniques that we use are proven to give the best results with the least amount of discomfort or pain. We go out of our way to make sure you get the best wax at the best price, and that we are also convenient for you, no matter where you are in town.

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