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Waxing for hair removal is the most effective and convenient method.
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Waxing For Hair Removal

Waxing For Hair Removal

A common debate among the supporters of grooming is the superiority of one method of hair removal over another. There are several popular methods that can be performed by salon technicians or at home to varying degrees of success, and the users of these methods will usually defend their choice as the best for a variety of reasons. Convenience is usually at the top of the majority of the reasons people choose one method over another, with effectiveness and painlessness coming into the conversation as well. Shaving is usually considered to be the most convenient because it can be done at home on a daily basis, and with relative ease. This reasoning must be challenged when you have experienced different methods as well, so ultimately the choice as to which method is most convenient may be defended based on a lack of information if the person has not tried the other ones. Shaving can be done daily, but because it is not the most effective method of hair removal we also must factor in that other methods could be more convenient because they do not have to be done so often. Shaving simply cuts the hair at the skin level, or just slightly below it. This means the hair grows back quickly, usually within a day or so. The hair also has a blunt end where the hair was cut, which will cause it to not always push through the skin effectively. This is the cause of the pimples and bumps that happen when you shave regularly. Methods that remove the hair from the root are going to take far longer to grow in, and the hair will have a more natural shape when it does. This will cut down on the amount of bumps where the hair cannot effectively push through the skin, and will also cause the hair to grow in thinner and finer over time.

Waxing is a superior method of hair removal over shaving. Waxing takes the hair shaft and traps it in dried wax, allowing it to be pulled out as a complete unit including the root. Once the entire hair is removed, it will take upwards of a month to regenerate enough to push through the skin and be seen. For this reason, the time in between waxings is going to be far longer than shaving, ultimately making it so that you usually only have to wax every three weeks to a month. If you only have to do something once a month in a salon, vs taking almost a half hour of your time every day, it is easy to see how waxing can be considered both more convenient and more effective. Waxing is also better for your skin than shaving, because you are not subjecting yourself to cuts or the damage that dragging a razor blade across it causes. The wax, when professionally done, will actually act as a skin soother and softener. Waxing is a better choice than shaving, so why would you ever consider shaving again?

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